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Substance Name

Dodecanoic acid
Identification Number: CASRN | 143-07-7

  Substance Attributes

  • Endocrine Disrupter

    Interferes with your hormones. Hormones are powerful messengers that can bind to DNA. You don't want to mess with them.

  • Toxic to specific organs

    Can damage liver, kidney, lungs, heart or gut. Ironically liver, kidneys and gut are the main detoxifications systems.

These attributes are ONLY based on peer-reviewed evidence. See link to Data Sources below. Everyone benefits from knowing this stuff. Please Share.

  • CATEGORIES: Chemical used in Undefined Operations in CSG, Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) | Household Toxin | Plant Toxin | Food Toxin | Natural Toxin | Odor and Flavour | This Chemical is an Odorant and has a smell like - metal | EAFUS (Everything Added to Food in the United States) | PESTICIDE active ingredient | Insecticide, Acaricide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator | Inert Pesticide Ingredient USA - Non Food Use Only | Inert Pesticide Ingredient USA - FRAGRANCE ( Generally Not used on Food) | Pesticide approved in USA (California) | Pesticide approved or pending approval in EU
  • SUBSTANCE LINEAGE: Organic Compounds | Lipids and Lipid-Like Molecules | Fatty Acyls | Fatty Acids and Conjugates | Medium-Chain Fatty Acids
  • SYNONYMS: 1-Undecanecarboxylate | 1-Undecanecarboxylic acid | ABL | Aliphat No. 4 | C12 fatty acid | Coconut oil fatty acids | DAO | Dodecanoate | Dodecanoic (lauric) acid | Dodecanoic acid (lauric acid) | Dodecoic acid | Dodecylate | Dodecylcarboxylate | Dodecylic acid | Duodecyclic acid | Duodecylic acid | Edenor C 1298-100 | Emery 650 | Emery 651 | Hydrofol acid 1255 | Hydrofol acid 1295 | Hystrene 9512 | Kortacid 1299 | LAP | LAU | Laurate | Lauric acid | Lauric acid (natural) | Lauric acid | pure | Laurinsaeure | Laurostearate | Laurostearic acid | Lunac L 70 | Lunac L 98 | N-Dodecanoate | N-Dodecanoic acid | Neo-Fat 12 | Neo-Fat 12-43 | Ninol AA62 extra | Nissan NAA 122 | Philacid 1200 | Prifac 2920 | Prifrac 2920 | Undecane-1-carboxylic acid | Univol U 314 | Univol U-314 | Vulvate | Vulvic acid | Wecoline 1295
  • DESCRIPTION: Has been used in CSG, Hydraulic Fracturing Operations (Fracking) as - Unknown | Lauric acid, or dodecanoic acid is the main fatty acid in coconut oil and in palm kernel oil, and is believed to have antimicrobial properties. It is a white, powdery solid with a faint odor of bay oil. Lauric acid, although slightly irritating to mucous membranes, has a very low toxicity and so is used in many soaps and shampoos.
  • toxin chemical structure pubchem
  • FORMULA: C12H24O2
  • DATA SOURCES: DATA SOURCES: ARTICLE 4 | T3DB | PubChem | Article-Colborn-2010 | Flavornet | EAFUS | DPR | EU Pesticides | EPA USA - Pesticide Inerts
  • LAST UPDATE: 28/04/2018

  Health Associations

Mostly focused on Health Implications of Long Term Exposure to this substance

  • TOXIN SITES OF ACTION IN CELL: "Cytoplasm", "Extracellular", "Membrane"
  • Additional Exposure Routes: This is an endogenously produced metabolite found in the human body. It is used in metabolic reactions, catabolic reactions or waste generation.

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