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We conduct Indepth Investigations. We write for the Public. We use Data Visualisation and Infographics to communicate. We partner with a world class laboratory to test and openly publish results. We're Social & Active.

Cover Image: Irises, by Vincent van Gogh. Oil on canvas, 74.3 × 94.3 cm, created in May 1889 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France. WikiMedia


We are only just beginning to grasp the combined health effects of daily low dose pesticide exposures.

Now is the time to become fully aware of the extent of the problem. Children between 2-5 years are most vulnerable.

Our 90 second intro video - Turn up the volume for best effect.

Turn up the volume for best effect.

The $5.50 may seem a very small amount for you to contribute and as such you may think it won't matter if you don't. But these small individual contributions is what will fund the many man hours that go into this level of inquiry and subsequently raise awareness and help drive much needed change.