Chemicals associated with CSG - Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) operations

This is a long List. The most nasty substances are at the start. It is important to note that these substances have not been randomly found on numerous sites on the internet. This list is compiled from government websites and peer reviewed literature like, the EPA in the US, APPEA - the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association, Fracfocus - an organisation that houses voluntary disclosure reports submitted by oil and gas drilling operators about the chemicals they used in hydraulic fracturing operations across the United States and the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE. And there are more classed as "Trade Secrets" or Proprietary or just undeclared. See our References section for full details.

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Exposure Routes 1

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Diethanolaminei119 acrylamide+i29 Ethanol+i1169 ETHYLENE OXIDEi129 Thioureai39 Ethylbenzene+i298 Formaldehyde+i238 METHYLENE CHLORIDEi78 sulphur dioxidei28 Zinc chloride+i108 Pentachlorophenol+i8 p-Cresol+i8 m-Cresol+i8 Aniline+i8 Dimethylformamidei8 2-butoxyethanoli387 2-ETHYL-1-HEXANOLi27 Triethanolaminei637 acetic anhydridei17 Acrolein+i17 Benzene+i97 Benzo[a]pyrene+i17 Cadmium+i97 Isopropylbenzene+i47 Glutarali47 Methanol+i257 Naphthalene+i127 Phenol+i77 SODIUM CHLORITEi27 Sodium nitrite+i97 Styrene+i37 Tetrachloroethylene+i57 Dibromoacetonitrilei7 Crude oili7 alpha-Chlorinated toluenes (benzal chloride, benzotrichloride, benzyl chloride) and benzoyl chloride (combined exposures)i7 Phosphonium, tetrakis(hydroxymethly)-sulfatei7 Propylene glycol mono- and diesters of fats and fatty acidsi186 Diethylenetriaminei16 ACRYLIC ACIDi36 Cinnamaldehyde+i66 DIETHYLENE GLYCOLi176 DIETHYLENE GLYCOL MONOMETHYL ETHERi86 Ethylene glycol +i286 Metenaminei16 Ethanolaminei126 Nonylphenol, ethoxylatedi256 Sodium nitrate+i66 Sulfuric acid+i216 TRIBUTYL PHOSPHATEi26 Ureai176 XYLENEi366 Nickel sulfate+i6 Fluorides (inorganic, used in drinking - water)i6 Chlorine dioxidei6 Formamidei6 Glyoxali6 Hydrodesulfurized kerosenei6 Natural gas condensatesi6 1-Proponoli95 Propylene glycoli1135 1,2,4-Trimethylbenzenei185 1,4-Dioxane+i125 Bronopoli145 2-methylpropan-1-oli15 Acetone+i525 Ammonia+i105 ammonium chloridei55 boraxi175 Butanonei195 Chromium+i55 edetic acidi195 ethanethioli25 Formic Acidi35 Hydrogen fluoride+i15 Isopropyl alcoholi745 m-Xylene+i35 mercaptoacetic acidi15 Mercury+i115 morpholinei55 Nonoxynoli65 p-Xylene+i25 Polyvinyl Alcoholi235 Quartz (SiO2)i375 Sodium bromide+i15 Sodium hypochloritei195 Stearic acidi415 Toluene+i335 troclosene sodiumi35 Acetic acid 100 atom % Di5 Hydrogen sulfide 2i5 Kerosenei5 Petroleum distillate/ naphthai5 Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl),alpha-(4-nonylphenyl)-omega-hydroxy-,branchedi5 Cyanide, totali5 (2-methoxymethylethoxy)propanoli314 2-METHYL-4-ISOTHIAZOLIN-3-ONEi454 2,2'-(ethylenedioxy)diethanoli64 5-CHLORO-2-METHYL-4-ISOTHIAZOLIN-3-ONEi444 Ammonium nitrate+i24 ammonium sulphatei74 Arsenic+i114 Barium+i34 Boric acid (H3BO3)i144 calcium chloride 1i104 calcium hypochloritei34 Carbon blacki434 Carboxymethylcellulosei324 DIDECYLDIMETHYLAMMONIUM CHLORIDEi74 ethylenediaminei24 Hydrochloric acid+i74 Ironi184 Lead+i244 Methyl 2-hydroxybenzoatei64 Palmitic acidi124 paraformi4 potassium hydroxidei354 Sodium bicarbonatei394 sodium sulphatei274 sodium sulphitei114 Sucrosei144 symclosenei34 titanium dioxidei754 Zinc+i194 Methane+i4 Selenium+i4 Carbon disulfide+i4 Quinoline+i4 o-Xylene+i4 Sodium bromate+i4 Chrom ium (III) compoundsi4 1,6-Hexanediaminei4 Diesel 2i4 Formic acid sodium salt (Sodium formate)i4 Fuel oil #2i4 Indolei4 Naphtha, petroleum medium aliphatici4 Phenolic resin (Phenoformaldehyde resin)i4 Propargyl alcohol (Prop-2-YN-1-OL)i4 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanoli183 [2-(2-methoxymethylethoxy)methylethoxy]propanoli53 Dimethylethanolaminei23 2-PROPENOIC ACID, HOMOPOLYMER, SODIUM SALTi383 Acetic acid+i103 Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate+i23 Butan-1-Oli93 n-Butane+i683 calcium dihydroxidei93 calcium sulfatei53 Copper+i293 cristobalitei43 disodium metasilicatei163 Glyceroli1083 N-Heptane+i183 iron sulphatei23 Isobutane+i623 Kaolini413 Lignosulfonic acid, sodium salti13 Magnesium nitrate+i133 Manganese+i73 mesitylenei73 Pentane+i103 Potassium Chloridei133 propenei43 Silicic acid, sodium salti93 Sulfuric acid, iron(2+) salt, heptahydrate (1:1:7)i13 trimethylbenzenei33 trisodium orthophosphatei33 Zinc carbonate+i13 1-Methylnaphthalene+i3 Ammonium thiocyanate+i3 Uranium-238+i3 Methylene thiocyanate+i3 Dazometi3 TCMTBi3 Butylbenzenei3 Capric acid+i3 Palygorskite (Attapulgite) (long fibres, > 5 micrometres)i3 1-Undecanoli3 2,2-Dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide (DBNPA) i3 Acetaldoli3 Alcohols, C10-16, ethoxylated with 6.5 EO (Alcohols, C10-16, ethoxylate)i3 Aliphatic hydrocarboni3 Aromatic naphtha, Type I (light) (Light aromatic solvent) i3 Cement kiln dustsi3 Cottonseed flouri3 Crystalline silica, tridymitei3 Diesel fuel (low and high sulphur)i3 Ethyl silicate, partially hydrolyzedi3 Humic acid (Leonardite)i3 Hydroxyethylcellulosei3 N, N'-Methylene bis (5-methyl oxazolidine)i3 Naphtha, petroleum, heavy catalytic reformedi3 Nitrogeni3 Petroleum distillate (straight run middle distillate)i3 Potassium aluminum fluoridei3 Pyrimidinei3 Sodium asphalt sulfonatei3 Tetramethyl ammonium chloridei3 Zirconium nitratei3 Zirconium oxychloridei3 Zirconium sulfatei3 Tert-butylbenzenei3 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone+i102 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-hydroxy-, hydrate (1:1)i122 Isopentane+i92 2-methylpentane-2,4-dioli232 4-methylpentan-2-onei112 9-(2-carboxyphenyl)-3,6-bis(diethylamino)xanthylium chloridei12 Acetaldehyde+i82 Acrylonitrile+i22 adipic acidi32 Alcohols, C11-15-secondary, ethoxylatedi62 Alcohols, C12-14, ethoxylatedi52 Alkanes, C12-14-iso-i12 ammonium hydrogensulphitei2 ammonium mercaptoacetatei22 Bentonitei102 calcium carbonatei332 calcium oxidei22 carboni202 celgardi262 chloromethanei22 Citric Acidi692 Cobalt+i52 diammonium carbonatei12 diammonium hydrogenorthophosphatei22 diammonium peroxodisulphatei52 Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene+i12 diiron trioxidei292 DIMETHYL GLUTARATEi32 dipotassium peroxodisulphatei32 disodium dihydrogenpyrophosphatei12 disodium tetraborate, anhydrousi52 dodecylbenzenesulfonic acidi42 EDTA, TETRASODIUMi442 EPICHLOROHYDRIN-4, 4'-ISOPROPYLIDENEDIPHENOL RESINi72 ethanei42 Fumaric acid 1+i22 Glycine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, sodium salt, hydrate (1:3:1)i12 Hematite (Fe2O3)i12 Hydroxypropyl cellulosei32 Dodecanoic acidi92 Lignosulfonic acid, ammonium salti12 magnesium chloridei122 Magnesium oxidei62 Myristic acidi122 Nitrilotriacetic Acidi52 Octylphenoxy polyethoxyethanoli182 Oleic acidi152 Phosphoric acidi182 phosphogypsumi22 polyacrylamidei112 Polyox WSR-N 60i522 Polypropylene glycol (m w 1,200-3,000)i42 potassium carbonatei62 potassium sulfatei52 propanei842 propylbenzenei12 PROPYLENE OXIDEi22 Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-16-alkyldimethyl, chloridesi102 silicon dioxidei432 sodium carbonatei292 Sodium chloride+i632 sodium hydroxidei712 SODIUM PERSULFATEi12 sodium thiosulphatei32 Sorbitan oleatei52 Sulfuric acid, iron(2+) salt (1:1), monohydratei22 Talc (Mg3H2(SiO3)4)i612 trisodium hydrogendicarbonatei22 trisodium nitrilotriacetatei42 Xanthan gumi252 Chloroform+i2 Dieldrin+i2 P,P'-DDE +i2 Aldrin+i2 Heptachlor+i2 Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether+i2 1,3-Butadiene+i2 2-Methylnaphthalene+i2 Dibromochloromethanei2 Chromium(III) acetate+i2 Sodium aluminate+i2 Bromoform+i2 Bromomethane+i2 Caprylic acid+i2 p-Cymenei2 Chlorine gas+i2 Epichlorohydrin (NB: Overall evaluation upgraded to Group 2A with supporting evidence from other relevant data)i2 Styrene - butadiene copolymersi2 Crotonaldehyde 2i2 Aliphatic aminei2 Ammonium bisulfatei2 Amoco NT-45 process oil [Diesel 2]i2 Benzenesulfonic acidi2 Chrome acetatei2 Coali2 Diatomaceous earth, calcinedi2 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated (mild) heavy naphthenic (9CI)i2 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated (mild) heavy paraffinic (9CI)i2 Ethyl octynoli2 Ethylcellulosei2 Fuel oil #5i2 Guar gumi2 Guar gum, carboxymethyl 2-hydroxypropyl ether, sodium salti2 Guar gum, carboxymethyl ether, sodium salti2 Heavy aromatic petroleum naphtha (aromatic solvent)i2 Hemicellulase enzymei2 Hexanesi2 Hydrotreated heavy petroleum naphthai2 Light naphthenic distallates, hydrotreatedi2 Lignitei2 Lignosulfonic acid, chromium salti2 Mineral oil, petroleum distillates, raffinates, sorption processi2 Mineral spiritsi2 Modified polysaccharidei2 Modified polysaccharide or Pregelatinized cornstarch or starchi2 Natural gas condensates 2i2 N-methyldiethanolaminei2 Oxydiethylene bis(alkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride)i2 Petroleum distillate hydrotreated lighti2 Petroleum producti2 Pine oil 1i2 Polycyclopentadienei2 Polymer sodium acrylate:acrylic acidi2 Potassium metaboratei2 Silane, dichlorodimethyl-, reaction products with silica i2 Silica, amorphousi2 Sodium mercaptobenzothiazolei2 Sodium metasilicatei2 Sodium polyacrylatei2 Sodium polynaphthalene sulfonatei2 Sulfomethylated quebrachoi2 2-Methoxyethanoli11 aluminium silicate (version1)i11 Aluminium octadecanoate+i11 Aluminium(III) oxide+i101 Antimony+i121 Antimony trioxide+i11 Barium sulfate+i101 Benzo[a]anthracene+i11 benzaldehydei11 Benzo[b]fluoranthene+i11 Benzo[k]fluoranthene+i11 butanone oximei31 Cellulosei171 Hexavalent chromium +i11 Chrysene+i21 Coumarini151 Cyclohexanonei41 Dibutyl phthalate+i151 Erioglaucine A disodium salti501 Disodium 6-hydroxy-5-[(4-sulfophenyl)azo]-2-naphthalenesulfonatei341 furfuryl alcoholi11 glass, oxide, chemicalsi101 Graphitei201 Hexane+i131 HYDROGEN PEROXIDEi281 Indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene+i11 Limestonei221 N-(2-hydroxypropyl)oleamidei11 Nickel+i131 [[(phosphonomethyl)imino]bis[ethane-2,1-diylnitrilobis(methylene)]]tetrakisphosphonic acidi11 Poly[imino(1,6-dioxo-1,6-hexanediyl)imino-1,6-hexanediyl]i1 Polytetrafluoroethylenei161 Polyvinyl acetate+i91 POLYVINYL PYRROLIDONEi291 Potassium Iodidei31 Silver+i11 sulfuri171 Sulfuric acid, calcium salt, hydrate (1:1:2)i41 tetrahydrofurani31 wateri1981 gamma-Hexachlorocyclohexane +i1 beta-Hexachlorocyclohexane+i1 Beryllium+i1 Heptachlor epoxide+i1 Hydrazine+i1 Radium-226+i1 Radium-228+i1 Fluoranthene+i1 o-Cresol+i1 Phenanthrene+i1 Pyrene+i1 Benzo[ghi]perylene+i1 Fluorene+i1 Copper(I) iodide+i1 Sodium aluminum phosphate+i1 Dapsone+i1 Safrolei1 2-Ethoxyethanoli1 Bromodichloromethanei1 Coconut oil diethanolamine condensatei1 1,3 - Dichloropropene (technical - grade)i1 Isoprenei1 Amaranthi1 Ampicillini1 Blue VRSi1 Ethylenei1 Furfurali1 N - Nitrosodiphenylaminei1 Nylon 6i1 Pyridinei1 7,12-Dimethylbenz(a)anthracenei1 1-Propanaminium, 3-amino-N-(carboxymethyl)-N,N-dimethyl-, N-coco acyl derivs, inner saltsi1 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid polymeri1 2-Bromo-3-nitrilopropionamidei1 2-Ethyl-3-propylacrolein i1 2-Propenamide, polymer with 2-propenoic ammonium salti1 Alkyl quaternary ammonium bentonite 1i1 Alkyl quaternary ammonium bentonite 2i1 Alkyl quaternary ammonium montmorillonitei1 Aluminium dicalcium iron pentaoxidei1 Aluminum calcium oxide 2:1i1 Amine treated hectoritei1 Asphaltite (Gilsonite, Hydrocarbon black solid)i1 Bauxitei1 Benzododecinium chloridei1 Blast furnace slagi1 Boric oxidei1 Ceramic materiali1 Diatomitei1 Dicalcium silicatei1 Di-secondary-butylphenol w/10 moles of eoi1 Drakeoli1 EO-C9-11-iso, C10-rich alcoholsi1 Fatty acid soapi1 Fatty acids, C18 unsaturated, dimersi1 Fuller's earthi1 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C 15-30, branched and cyclic, high viscosityi1 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C 20-40, branched and cyclic, high viscosityi1 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C 25-55, branched and cyclic, high viscosityi1 Hexaaluminium pentaoxide disilicatei1 Kyanitei1 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C15- 30, hydrotreated neutral oil-basedi1 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C20- 50, hydrotreated neutral oil-basedi1 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C20- 50, hydrotreated neutral oil-based, high-viscosityi1 Lubricating oils, (petroleum), C15-30, hydrotreated neutral oil-based, contg. solvent deasphalted residual oili1 Magnesium aluminum silicatei1 Micai1 Monopentaerythritoli1 Oxiranemethanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-, chloride, homopolymeri1 Polyacrylamide/polyacrylate copolymer (Copolyer of acrylamide & sodium acrylate, partially hydrolized polyacrylalmide)i1 Polyglycerine i1 Sepiolitei1 Siliconei1 Sodium montmorillonitei1 Tall oil, diethylenetriamine imidazoline (Cellulose)i1 Ulexitei1 Vermiculitei1 Walnut hullsi1 Zirconium, tetrakis(2-(bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino-kappaN)ethanolato-kappaO)-i1 Sec-butylbenzenei1 Sodiumi1 1-butoxypropan-2-oli15 1-lauryl-2-pyrrolidonei2 1-Propanol, 2-butoxy-i1 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-onei8 1,2-DIBROMO-2,4-DICYANOBUTANEi 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-hydroxy-, sodium salt, hydrate (1:3:2)i6 2-(2-ethoxyethoxy)ethanoli25 2-(hydroxymethylamino)ethanoli3 2-amino-2-methylpropanoli16 2-ethylhexyl benzoatei1 2-Methylhexane+i1 2-Methylpentane+i3 2-phosphonobutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acidi2 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, polymer with 2-propenoic acid, sodium salti1 2-Propenoic acid, polymer with 2-propenamidei3 2,2',2''-(hexahydro-1,3,5-triazine-1,3,5-triyl)triethanoli3 2,3-didehydro-D-erythro-hexono-1,4-lactonei3 2,3-Dimethylbutane+i3 2,6-Dimethyl-4-heptanonei1 3-Methylhexane+i1 3-Methylpentane+i2 3,4,5,6-tetrachloro-2-(1,4,5,8-tetrabromo-6-hydroxy-3-oxoxanthen-9-yl)benzoic acidi7 3,5,7-Triaza-1-azoniatricyclo[,7]decane, 1-(3-chloro-2-propenyl)-, chloride, (Z)-i9 3,6,9-triazaundecamethylenediaminei1 Tetraethylene Glycoli4 4,4-dimethyloxazolidinei Acetic acid, C6-8-branched alkyl estersi1 acetophenonei2 acetylenei2 Alcohols, C10-14, ethoxylatedi3 Alcohols, C11-14-iso-, C13-richi1 Alcohols, C11-14-iso-, C13-rich, ethoxylatedi1 Alcohols, C12-13, ethoxylatedi2 Alcohols, C12-14, ethoxylated propoxylatedi2 Alcohols, C12-16, ethoxylatedi7 Alcohols, C14-15, ethoxylatedi3 Alcohols, C6-12, ethoxylatedi2 Alcohols, C9-11, ethoxylatedi18 Alkanes, C13-16-iso-i7 Aluminum+i39 Aluminium chloride+i1 Aluminium sulfate+i3 Amines, C10-16-alkyldimethyl, N-oxidesi1 ammonia, aqueous solutioni37 AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDEi2 ammonium dihydrogenorthophosphatei7 Ammonium lauryl sulfate +i12 ammonium lactatei3 ammonium thiosulphatei aquafili22 araldite Bi2 Benzenesulfonic acid, C10-16-alkyl derivs.i3 Benzenesulfonic acid, mono-C10-16-alkyl derivs., sodium saltsi4 Benzoic acidi13 benzyl alcoholi34 D-Glucosei8 Boron sodium oxide (B4Na2O7), pentahydratei4 Boron sodium oxide (B8Na2O13), tetrahydratei2 butyl 2,3-epoxypropyl etheri Calciumi8 Calcium chloride (CaCl2), dihydratei3 CAMPHORi14 Carbon dioxide+i21 Castor oili23 cis-Citrali9 citronella oili3 citronelloli10 Copper(II) sulfate+i4 Cyclohexane+i12 D-gluconic acidi1 D-Sorbitoli40 deuterium oxidei1 Diethyl phthalate+i7 diethylbenzenei3 diiron tris(sulphate)i1 dimantinei1 Dimethyl adipatei3 DIMETHYL SUCCINATEi3 dimethylcocobenzalkonium chloridei2 Di(n-octyl) phthalate+i1 diphenyl etheri1 Diphenylaminei4 dipotassium hydrogenorthophosphatei1 disodium 2-hydroxyethyliminodi(acetate)i1 disodium 5-acetylamino-4-hydroxy-3-(phenylazo)naphthalene-2,7-disulphonatei8 disodium 5-amino-4-hydroxy-3-(phenylazo)naphthalene-2,7-disulphonatei35 disodium dihydrogen ethylenediaminetetraacetatei55 disodium disulphitei5 disodium molybdatei2 disodium octaboratei1 disodium sulphidei1 docusate sodiumi3 dodecyl(2-hydroxy-3-sulphonatopropyl)dimethylammoniumi1 emulphogene BC 720i12 ethyl 2-naphthyl etheri1 ethyl acetatei25 ethyl lactatei3 Formaldehyde, polymer with (chloromethyl)oxirane and 4,4'-(1-methylethylidene)bis[phenol]i1 beta-Geranioli11 Glycine, N,N'-1,2-ethanediylbis[N-(carboxymethyl)-, sodium salt, hydrate (1:2:2)i14 Glycolic acid+i9 Goethite (Fe(OH)O)i2 (2E,4E)-2,4-Hexadienoic acidi13 iron trichloridei1 isooctan-1-oli1 Kathon 886i8 L-Lactic acidi8 Lactic Acidi12 Lactosei1 lemongrass oili3 linalooli13 Lithiumi3 Magnesiumi4 magnesium carbonatei9 Magnesium chloride (MgCl2), hexahydratei4 Magnesium Sulfate+i12 Quaternium-15+i8 Methylcellulosei methylcyclohexanei5 miristalkonium chloridei2 MONOISOPROPANOLAMINEi1 N-(3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl)ethylenediaminei3 N-(5-chloro-2,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-4-[[5-[(diethylamino)sulphonyl]-2-methoxyphenyl]azo]-3-hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxamidei3 N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)oleamidei N,N-dimethyldecylamine N-oxidei2 Neodol-12i11 nonanei4 nonylphenoli3 Nonylphenol, branched, ethoxylatedi4 octamethylcyclotetrasiloxanei19 OCTAMETHYLCYCLOTETRASILOXANE (D5)i29 OCTAMETHYLCYCLOTETRASILOXANE (D6)i14 Octoxynoli3 Oleic acid, ethoxylatedi1 oxydipropanoli22 pentan-1-oli1 PENTASODIUM DIETHYLENETRIAMINEPENTAACETATEi5 pentasodium triphosphatei13 pentyl acetatei4 Perboric acid (HBO(O2)), sodium salt, monohydratei3 Phosphatidylserinei18 Phosphoric acid, sodium salt, hydrate (1:3:12)i1 phosphorous acidi phosphorusi3 PHTHALIC ANHYDRIDEi1 polidocanoli14 Poloxalenei20 POLY(DIALLYLDIMETHYLAMMONIUM CHLORIDE)i4 Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), ?-butyl-?-hydroxy-i2 Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), ?-isodecyl-?-hydroxy-i2 polybutenei10 polyethylene glycol monostearatei25 polyethylene glycol oleyl etheri5 potassium (E,E)-hexa-2,4-dienoatei15 potassium acetatei2 Potassium dichromate+i1 potassium hydrogensulphatei1 PROPYLENE CARBONATEi12 Dimethyl dialkyl ammonium chloridei15 Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl-C12-18-alkyldimethyl, chloridesi9 Quaternary ammonium compounds, C12-14-alkyl[(ethylphenyl)methyl]dimethyl, chloridesi1 Quaternary ammonium compounds, C12-18-alkyl[(ethylphenyl)methyl]dimethyl, chloridesi3 Rutile (TiO2)i3 Silicic acid, magnesium salti1 siliconi2 sodium (S)-lactatei3 sodium 2-[2-[2-(tridecyloxy)ethoxy]ethoxy]ethyl sulphatei7 sodium acetatei4 sodium benzoatei32 SODIUM BISULFATEi4 sodium cumenesulphonatei2 2-Ethyl-1-hexanol sulfatei2 sodium gluconatei2 sodium glycollatei1 sodium hydrogensulfitei1 sodium hydroxymethanesulphonatei1 sodium lactatei5 Sodium lauryl sulfate+i38 sodium metaborate, anhydrousi1 sodium N-(hydroxymethyl)glycinatei4 sodium octane-1-sulphonate monohydratei7 SODIUM PERBORATEi2 SODIUM SALICYLATEi2 SODIUM THIOCYANATEi1 sodium xylenesulphonatei15 Sorbitan monolaurate, ethoxylatedi45 Sorbitan monooleate, ethoxylatedi24 Sorbitan monostearate, ethoxylatedi16 sorbitan stearatei6 sorbitan trioleatei2 Sorbitan, (Z)-9-octadecenoate (2:3)i8 strontium chloridei1 Sulfatei2 Sulfuric acid copper(2+) salt (1:1), hydrate (1:5)i2 Sulfuric acid, mono-C12-18-alkyl esters, sodium saltsi4 Sulfuric acid, nickel(2+) salt, hydrate (1:1:6)i2 Sulfuric acid, zinc salt (1:1), monohydratei1 sulphamidic acidi3 tetradec-1-enei1 tetradecanei1 tetrasodium (1-hydroxyethylidene)bisphosphonatei6 tetrasodium pyrophosphatei4 thiamine hydrochloridei1 Thiosulfuric acid (H2S2O3), sodium salt, hydrate (1:2:5)i1 Tin+i10 titaniumi1 tricalcium bis(orthophosphate)i3 trientinei1 Triethyl citratei2 triiron tetraoxidei10 trimethyloctadecylammonium chloridei1 tripotassium orthophosphatei1 trisodium 2-(carboxylatomethyl(2-hydroxyethyl)amino)ethyliminodi(acetate)i5 Acid yellow 23i52 trisodium citratei11 trisodium hydrogen ethylenediaminetetraacetatei13 trisodium trimetaphosphatei1 trometamoli2 Vanillini1 Zinc oxide+i27 zirconiumi2 oxygeni Bisphenol A 1i Aroclor 1248+i delta-Hexachlorocyclohexane+i beta Endosulfan+i Endrin aldehyde+i 1,2,3-Trichlorobenzene+i Vanadium+i 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene+i Cesium-137+i Phorate+i Phosphine+i Acenaphthylene+i Cobalt(II) acetate+i Cobaltous chloride+i Antimony pentoxide+i Antimony trichloride+i Copper(I) chloride+i Copper(II) chloride+i Tin(II) chloride (SnCl2)+i Aluminium chlorohydrate+i Aluminium isopropoxide+i Calcium bromide+i 2-Methylheptane+i 3-Methylheptane+i Cyclopentane+i Methylcyclopentane+i Ammonium laureth sulfate+i Molybdenumi Daidzeini Thallium+i Trimethylamine+i Trimethylamine N-oxide+i Hexanal+i L-Glutamic acidi D-Lactic acidi Potassiumi Propionic acid+i Butyric acid+i Caproic acidi Heptanoic acidi Ozone+i Cyclohexanoli Cetyl-Trimethyl-Ammoniumi Ethylphosphatei 4-Nonylphenoli 1-Hexanoli Butyl lactatei Ethyl benzoatei Bromide ion+i 1H-Imidazole-1-ethanamine, 4,5-dihydro-, 2-nortall-oil alkyl derivs, acetatesi 1-Propanesulfonic acid, 2-methyl-2-((1-oxo-2-propenyl)amino)-, monosodium salt, polymer with 2-propenamide i Blend of sythetic oils & surfactantsi Calcium aluminatei D-Glucophranoside, methyli Dialkyl dimethyl ammonium chloridei EO-C7-9-iso-,C8 rich-alcoholsi Fatty acids, C18-unsat, dimers, compds. With diethylenetriamine-tall-oil fatty acid reaction productsi Fatty acids, tall oili Lignosulfonatei Oxyalkylated phenolic resin 1i Polyphenolic resini Pryidinium, 1-(phenylmethyl)-, ethyl methyl derivatives, chloridesi Sulfonated organic polymeri Tricalcium silicatei Unknown3i Chloridei Phosphonic Acidi Sodium perborate tetrahydratei Siloxanes and silicones, dimethyl,i Tributyl tetradecyl phosphonium chloridei Monoethanolamine boratei Terpenes and Terpeniods, sweet orange-oili Potassium formatei Sodium Aryl Sulfonatei Modified Thiourea Polymeri Lactose 2i Isotridecanol, ethoxylatedi Paraffinic petroleum distillatei Yeast Extracti Tryptonei Bentonite, benzyl(hydrogenated tallow alkyl) dimethylammoniumi Sodium iodidei Silica geli Naphthenic acid ethoxylatei Amines, coco alkyl, ethoxylatedi Tall oil acid diethanolamidei Formaldehyde polymer with 4,1,1-dimethylethyl phenolmethyl oxiranei Ammonium acetatei Citrus, extracti 2,7-Naphthalenedisulfonic acid, 5-(acetylamino) -4-hydroxy-3-(2-methoxyphenyl) azo -, disodium salti Zirconium, acetate lactate oxo ammonium complexesi Corundumi Ammonium phosphatei Hemicellulase Enzyme Concentratei Oxyakylated Amine Quati Choline Chloridei Propylene Pentameri 1-DECANOLi TAR BASES, QUINOLINE DERIVS, BENZYL CHLORIDE-QUATERNIZEDi Monoethanolaminei C12-14 Decondary, Ethoxylated Alcoholi Dodecylbenxene Sulfonic Acid Salti Sodium Salt of Phosphate Esteri Surfactant Mixture1i Surfactant Mixture2i Zirconium Sodium Hydroxy Lactate Complexi n-Propyl Zirconatei Cupric Chloride Dihydratei 2-Propenoic, Polymer with Sodium Phosphinate, Sodium Salti Potassium Metaborate 2i Copolymer of Acrylamide and Sodium Acrylatei Magnesium Hydroxidei Methyl Boratei 2-Mercaptoethanoli Alcohol, C11 linear, ethoxylatedi Alkenes, C10 a-i Potassium oleatei Vinylidene chloride/methylacrylate copolymeri Dicoco dimethyl quaternary ammonium chloridei Crosslinked PO/EO-block polymeri Potassium boratei Peroxyacetic Acidi N,N- Dimethyl-1,3-Propanediaminei Cocamidopropyl Dimethylaminei Polymer containing phosphonate, sulphonate,i Sodium erythorbatei ISOPROPANOL DIMETHYLFORMAMIDE ORGANIC AMINE RESIN SALT QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUND AROMATIC ALDEHYDE ETHYLENE GLYCOLi 2-Propenoic acid, ammonium salti Sorbitol Tetraoleatei Poly (acrylamide-co-acrylic acid), partial sodium salti Cured Acrylic Resini Boric Acid, sodium salti Bishexamethylenetriamine penta methylene phosphonic acid salti Triethanolamine Hydrochloridei Amines, dicoco alkylmethyli Tall oil, ethoxylatedi Ethox CO-30i Trisodium ethylenediaminetriacetatei Disodium Ethylenediaminediacetatei Polyethylene glycol monohexyl etheri Acid Phosphate Esteri SODIUM METABORATE TETRAHYDRATEi Terpenes and Terpenoidsi Ethoxylated Fatty Acidi Formaldehyde Amine Resini AMINES, COCO ALKYLi Benzene, C10-16, Alkyl Derivesi Diethylenetriamine Alkylbenzene Sulfatei Benzene, 1-1'-Oxybis-, Tetrapropylene Derivatives, Sulfonatedi 2-hydroxy-N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-me thylethanaminium chloridei N-Cocoamidopropyl-N,N-dimethyl-N-2-hydr oxypropylsulfobetainEi Heavy Aromatic Naphthai Dimethyldiallyammonium chloridei Sulfuric Acid, N Bromo, Sodium Salti Sodium Metaboratei Modified Amidei Olefins2i 1-Octanoli Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid, monoethanolamine salti Siloxanes and Silicones, di-Me, reaction products with silicai Polymer of 2-acrylamido-2- methylpropanesulfonic acid sodium salt and methyl acrylatei Amine Saltsi Ethoxylated Fatty Acid 2i Oxyalkylated Phenolic Resin 2i (2,3-dihydroxypropyl)trimethylammonium chloridei Polylactide Resini Ilmenitei Ethoxylated Oleylaminei C-11 - C-14 N-Alkanes 1i Illitei Biotitei Apatitei 3,4,4-Trimethyloxazolidinei Siloxanes and Silicones, di-Me, 3-hydroxypropyl Me, ethoxylated propoxylatedi 2-Propenoic acid, 2-ethylhexyl ester, polymer with 2-hydroxyethyl 2-propenoatei Polyethoxylated fatty amine salti 3-Chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethyl ammonium chloridei 1-(Benzyl)quinolinium chloridei Hydroxylamine hydrochloridei (C12-C18) N-Alkylpropylenediaminei Mineral Spirits 2i Dodecylbenzenesulfonate isopropanolaminei 2-Phosphonobutane-1,2,4-tricarboxylic acid, potassium salti Boric Acid (2-aminoethanol)i N-Alkyl-N-benzylpyridinium chloridei Polypropenamidei Petroleum distillates, dewaxed heavy paraffinici Inorganic Phosphatei Copolymer of acrylamide-AETACi carboxymethylhydroxypropyl guar blendi Short chained Glycol Etheri Borate Salti C-11 - C-14 N-Alkanes 2i C-11 - C-14 N-Alkanes 3i Oxirane, 2-methyl-, polymer with oxirane, monodecyl etheri Ammoniumi Polyethylene glycol trimethylnonyl etheri POLY(OXY-1,2-ETHANEDIYL), .ALPHA.-HYDRO-.OMEGA.-HYDROXY- , MONO-C8-10-ALKYL ETHERS, PHOSPHATESi Coconut oil (Ventura)i Ammonium C6-10-alkyl polyoxyethylene sulfatei orthoboric acidi Carbohydratesi Phosphate Esters of Alcohol Ethoxylatei n-Butyryl tri-n-hexyl citratei Antimony potassium oxidei Distillates (petroleum, Catalystic Refomer trictionator, low boilingi tallow alkyldimethyl-ammonium chloride/ bentonite complexi Triethanolamine hydroxyacetatei Oxirane, methyl, polymer with oxirane, mono-c10-16 alkl ethers, phoni Ammonium Alcohol Ether Sulfate 1i Amines, Dicoco Alkyli Tert-Butyl-Hydroperoxidei Tall Oili Calcium Peroxidei Magnesium Peroxidei Calcium magnesium sodium phosphate friti Ethoxylated propoxylated 4-nonylphenol-formaldehyde resini Decyldimethyl amine (impurity)i Quaternary ammonium compounds chlorides derivativesi Siloxanes and silicones, di-Me, polymers with Me silsesquioxanesi Napthalenei Crystalline Silica (Quartz)i Amino Tri (Methylene Phosphonic Acid)i Polyoxyethylene (2) oleyl etheri Surfactant3i Fatty Amide Derivativei Di (Ethylene Glycol) Ethyl Ether Acetatei Fatty Acid Oxyalkylatei Acrylic Polymersi Sodium Sulfonatei Alkanes, Xylene, Ethyl Benzene, Napthalene, Trimethylbenzenei diester of sulfosuccinic acid sodium salti Fatty Acid Estersi AMMONIUM FLUORIDEi Tridecyl alcohol polyethoxylatei Reaction product of acetophenone, formaldehyde, cyclohexylamine, methanol and acetic acidi Quaternary Ammonium Chloridei Ulexite (CaNaH12(BO3)5.2H2O), calcinedi Choline bicarbonatei Stannous Chloride Dihydratei Cetylethylmorpholinium ethyl sulfatei POTASSIUM TETRABORATE TETRAHYDRATEi Vinyl Acetate Ethalene Copolymeri 2-Propenoic acid, polymer with ethene, zinc salti 2,6,8-Trimethyl-4-nonanoli Fluoroalkyl Alcohol Substituted Polyethylene Glycoli Hematitei Perboric acidi Sodium Carboxylatei Polyacrylatei Gelatini Butenei Ammonium Citratei Polyvinylidene chloridei (hexyloxy)-, ammonium salti Mannan Endo-1,4-B-Mannosidasei Linseed Meali 85 Phosphoric Acid, FGi Polyoli Ethoxylated Alcoholi Amides, Tallow, N-3-(Dimethylamino)Propyl, N-Oxidesi Alcohol Ether Sulfatei Proteolytic Enzymei Acetyl Triethyl Citratei Polycrylarnide-co-acrylic Acidi 4,6-Dimethyl-2-heptanonei D-Biotin ,USPi Zirconium chelated salti Fatty acids, C18-unsatd., dimers, ethoxylated propoxylatedi CAPRYLAMIDOPROPYL BETAINEi Ammonium phosphitei Triisopropanolaminei C9 to C21 Alkanes, Linear and Branchedi Hydroquinone monomethyl etheri Diethyleneglycol acrylatei Styrene acrylic copolymeri Maleic Anhydride Terpolymeri Olefins3i Magnesium Carbonate 2i Alkylaryl Sulfonatei Maghemitei 1,2,3 - Trimethylbenzenei Formaldehyde-4,4'-isopropylidene diphenoli Formaldehyde, polymer with 4-nonylphenol and phenoli Direct Red 81i Polyphosphoric Acids, Esters w/ Triethalenei Coco-amido-propylamine oxidei Linear/branched alcohol ethoxylate (11eo)i 2-Propenoic acid, polymer with sodium phosphinatei Dodecylbenzene (impurity)i Organic Surfactanti Benzenesulfonic acid, C10-16-alkyl derivatives, compounds withi Ethanaminium,n,n,n-trimethyl-methyl-ox o, chloride, polymer with propenamidei Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid Saltsi Organic salti Iminodiacetate disodium salti Pine Oil 2i Oxirane, methyl-, polymer with oxirane, mono(2-ethylhexyl) etheri Benzoic Acid Flakesi Orange Terpenesi Oxiranei Olefins4i Decyl sodium sulfatei Calcium Fluoridei Benzenemethanaminium, NNN-trimethyl, chloridei EO-PO & EPONi Phosphinylidynetrimethanoli Dinonylphenyl Polyoxyethylenei Modified Amidoaminei Methanol 2i Isopropylaminei Isoquinolinei Quinaldinei Methoxyacetic acidi Amines, polyethylenepoly-, ethoxylated, phosphonomethylatedi Cocoamidopropyl betainei Pyridine, alkyl derivatives, hydrochloridesi Amines, polyethylenepoly-, ethoxylated, phosphonomethylated, compounds with alkylpyridine derivativei Crystalline Silica in Form of Quartzi Organic Phosphonatei Hydroxyacetic acid ammonium salti Guar gum, carboxymethyl etheri Primary C14-15 Alcohol Sulfatei Hexamethylenetetraminei Bishexamethylenetriamine, pentamethylenepentaphosphonic acidi Phosphonomethylated polyaminei Triethanolamine triphosphate ester, sodium salti Epiamine polymeri Modified aminei Fatty acid, tall oil, hexa esters with sorbitol, ethoxylatedi Alkyl sulfonate salti Fatty Acid Amine Salt Mixturei Ethanaminium, N,N,N-trimethyl-2-(2-methyl-1-oxo-2-pro penyl)oxy-, methyl sulfate, homopolymeri Alkyl dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride (68C12, 32C14)i Resini L-Aspartic Acid, Homopolymer, Sodium Salti Alcohols, C12-14-secondaryi Ethylene oxide-formaldehyde nonyl phenol polymeri sodium zirconium lactatei Aluminum - acetic acid (1:1) dihydratei Sodium diacetatei Pentaethylenehexaminei Modified acrylamide copolymeri MOPA--Methoxypropylaminei benzene, 1,1-oxybis-, sec-hexyl derivatives, sulfonated sodium saltsi Boroni Fumaric Acid 2i Polymer4i 1,2-Ethanediamine, polymer with methyloxiranei Amines, hydrogenated tallow alkyl, acetatesi Sodium Chloratei Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid Salti Sodium perBorate tetrahydratei Glycol Etheri Distillates, petroleum, solvent-refined heavy paraffinici Alcohols, C11-14-iso-, C-13-rich, ethoxylated propoxylatedi Manganese (II) Chloridei Iron (II) Chloride Tetrahydratei Dipotassium Phosphitei 2-Propenoic acid, telomer with sodium 2-methyl-2(1-oxo-2-proprn-1-yl)a mino-1- propanesulfate(1:1) ai Erucic amidopropyl dimethyl betainei Formaldehyde, polymer with 4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)phenol, 2-methyloxirane, 4-nonylphenol and oxiranei Benzyl alcyl pyridinium choridei Fatty Alkyl Amine Salti Cyclohexanamine, Sulfate (1:1)i Disopropylnaphthalenei Zirconium Basic Sulphatei Ethanol, 2,2-Iminobis, N-Tallow Alkyl Derivs.i Amines, Tallow Alkyli Complex Esteri Di(cocoalkyl)methyl amine hydrochloridei Aromatic hydrocarbons C9-11i Alkyl Sulfatei Ammonium Alcohol Ether Sulfate 2i Silicon Dioxide (Crystalline)i Sulfuric Acid Salti Amino Methylene Phosphonic Acid Salti Alkanolamine chelate of zirconium alkoxidei Amines, tallow alkyl,i fatty amine carboxylatei cocodiaminei quaternary ammoniumi 1-(1-Naphthylmethyl)quinolinium chloridei Quateernary ammonium compounds (2-ethylhexyl) hydrogenated tallow alkyl)dimethyl, Mesulfatesi Morpholine process residuei Aziridine Polymeri Benzyldimethylhexadecylammonium chloride i C8-C10 Alchoholi Isooctyl Alchol Bottomsi Fluoroaliphatic Amine Oxidei Kerosine (petroleum), hydrosulfurizedi POLY(OXY-1,2-ETHANEDIYL),ALPHA-(4-N ONYLPHENYL)-OMEGA-HYDROXY-,BRAN CHEDi Anionic Copolymer of Acrylamidei Undecanol, branched and linear (impurity)i Sodium chloroacetatei Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-ethenyl-, sodium salt, homopolymeri Acetic acid ethenyl ester, polymer with ethenoli Polyvinyl acetate, partially hydrolyzedi Alcohols, c11-14-iso-,c13-rich, butoxylated ethoxylatedi Alkanolaminei Fatty acids, tall-oil, ethoxylatedi Ethoxylated hydrogenated tallow alkylaminesi Aluminum chloride hydroxide sulfatei (z)-13 docosenyl-n,n-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-n-met hyl ammonium chloridei Carboxymethyl Cellulosei Sulfur Dioxidei 2,2`-Azobis-2-(imidazlin-2-yl)propane-di hydrochloridei Acyclic Paraffin and Olefin Oils C11 to C14i Organophylic Clayi Fumed silica 1i Methyl Amyl Alcoholi Alkylaryl Sulfonatesi Fatty acids, coco, reaction products with diethylenetriamine and soya fatty acids, ethoxylated, chloi Polymaleic acidi Scandium Oxidei Iridium Oxidei Modified Bentonitei Quartzi Surfactant4i Ethane-1,2-dioli Fumed silica 2i Aluminum Oxidei Triethanolamine titanatei Hypochlorous Acidi Canola Oili C4 Olefinsi Na2Oi K2Oi Amorphous Silicai 1,6 - Hexanediamine dihydrochloridei 1- [2 - (2 - Methoxy -1- methylethoxy) -1- methylethoxy] -2-propanoli 1- Hexanol, 2 - ethyl - , manuf. of, by products from, distn. residuesi 1- Propanaminium, 3- amino -N- (carboxymethyl) - N,N - dimethyl - , N - coco acyl derivs., chlorides, sodium saltsi 1 - Propanesulfonic acidi 1 - Tridecanoli 2 - (Dibutylamino)ethanoli 2,2' - (Octadecylimino)diethanoli 2,2' - [Ethane - 1,2 - diylbis(oxy)]diethanaminei 2,2 - Dibromopropanediamidei 2 - Acrylamido - 2 - methyl - 1 - propanesulfonic acidi 2- Butanone, 4 - [[[(1R,4aS,10aR) - 1,2,3,4,4a,9,10,10a - octahydro - 1,4a - dimethyl -7- (1 - methylethyl) -1- phenanthrenyl]methyl](3 - oxo -3- phenylpropyl)amino] - , hydrochloride (1:1)i 2 - Hydroxyethyl acrylatei 2 - Hydroxyethylammonium hydrogen sulphitei 2 - Methyl - 3 - butyn - 2 - oli 2 - Methylquinoline hydrochloridei 2- Propenoic acid, sodium salt (1:1), polymer with sodium 2- methyl -2- ((1 - oxo -2- propen -1- yl)amino) -1- propanesulfonate (1:1)i 2- Propenoic acid, telomer with sodium 4 - ethenylbenzenesulfonate (1:1), sodium 2 - methyl -2- [(1 - oxo -2- propen -1- yl)amino] -1- propanesulfonate (1:1) and sodium sulfite (1:1), sodium salti 4 - Methoxybenzyl formatei Acetic acid, hydroxy - , reaction products with triethanolaminei Acetonitrile, 2,2',2'' - nitrilotris -i Alcohols, C8 - 10, ethoxylated propoxylatedi Alkanes, C10 - 14i Alkanes, C10 - 16 - branched and lineari Alkenes, C>8i Alkyl quaternary ammonium with bentonitei Almandite and pyrope garneti alpha - Amylasei Amides, C8 - 18 and C18 - unsatd., N,N - bis(hydroxyethyl)i Amides, from C16 - 22 fatty acids and diethylenetriaminei Amines, C14 - 18; C16 - 18 - unsaturated, alkyl, ethoxylatedi Amines, C8 - 18 and C18 - unsatd. alkyli Amines, coco alkyl, acetatesi Amines, polyethylenepoly - , reaction products with benzyl chloridei Amines, tallow alkyl, ethoxylated, acetates (salts)i Amines, tallow alkyl, ethoxylated, phosphatesi Ammonium citrate (1:1)i Ammonium hydrogen carbonatei Anetholei Ashes, residuesi Benzene, 1 - ethyl - 2 - methyl -i Benzenemethanaminium, N,N - dimethyl -N- (2 - ((1 - oxo -2- propen -1- yl)oxy)ethyl) - , chloride (1:1), polymer with 2- propenamidei Benzenesulfonic acid, (1 - methylethyl) - ,i Benzenesulfonic acid, (1 - methylethyl) - , ammonium salti Benzenesulfonic acid, C10 - 16 - alkyl derivs., compds. with cyclohexylaminei Boron potassium oxidei Butanedioic acid, sulfo - , 1,4 - bis(1,3 - dimethylbutyl) ester, sodium salti C.I. Solvent Red 26i C12 - 14 tert - alkyl ethoxylated aminesi Calcium magnesium hydroxide oxidei Cedarwood oili Cellophanei Coco - betainei Corn flouri Di - sec - butylphenoli Disodium dodecyl(sulphonatophenoxy)benzenesulphonatei Distillates, petroleum, hydrodesulfurized light catalytic crackedi Distillates, petroleum, hydrodesulfurized middlei Distillates, petroleum, light catalytic crackedi Distillates, petroleum, light hydrocrackedi Distillates, petroleum, solvent - refined heavy naphthenici Distillates, petroleum, steam - crackedi Distillates, petroleum, sweetened middlei Ditallow alkyl ethoxylated aminesi EDTA, copper salti Ethanaminium, N,N,N - trimethyl -2- [(1 - oxo -2- propenyl)oxy] - , chloridei Ethanol, 2,2' - iminobis - , N - coco alkyl derivs., N - oxidesi Ethanol, 2,2 - oxybis -, reaction products with ammonia, morpholine derivs. residues, acetates (salts)i Ethanol, 2,2 - oxybis - , reaction products with ammonia, morpholine derivs. residues, reaction products with sulfur dioxidei Ethanol, 2 - amino - , polymer with formaldehydei Ethoxylated, propoxylated trimethylolpropanei Ethyl acetoacetatei Ethyl salicylatei Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, diammonium copper salti Fatty acids, C 8 - 18 and C18 - unsaturated compounds with diethanolaminei Fatty acids, tall oil, reaction products with acetophenone, formaldehyde and thioureai Fatty acids, tall - oil, reaction products with diethylenetriaminei Fatty acids, tallow, sodium saltsi Fatty acids, vegetable - oil, reaction products with diethylenetriaminei Formaldehyde, polymer with ammonia and phenoli Formaldehyde, polymers with branched 4 - nonylphenol, ethylene oxide and propylene oxidei Gas oils, petroleum, straight - runi Gluconic acidi Glyoxylic acidi Heavy aromatic distillatei Inulin, carboxymethyl ether, sodium salti Iron(II) oxidei Isopentyl alcoholi Isoquinoline, reaction products with benzyl chloride and quinolinei Isoquinolinium, 2 - (phenylmethyl) - , chloridei Lavandula hybrida abrial herb oili L - Dilactidei Magnesium phosphidei Methyl vinyl ketonei Methyloxirane polymer with oxirane, mono (nonylphenol) ether, branchedi N- (2 - Acryloyloxyethyl) -N- benzyl - N,N - dimethylammonium chloridei N,N,N - Trimethyl - 2[1 - oxo -2- propenyl]oxy ethanaminimum chloride, homopolymeri N,N,N - Trimethyl -3- ((1 - oxooctadecyl)amino) -1- propanaminium methyl sulfatei N,N' - Dibutylthioureai N,N - Dimethyloctadecylamine hydrochloridei N,N' - Methylenebisacrylamidei Naphthalenesulfonic acid, bis(1 - methylethyl) -i Naphthalenesulphonic acid, bis (1 - methylethyl) - methyl derivativesi Nitriles, tallow, hydrogenatedi Nitrilotriacetamidei N - Methylethanolaminei N - Methyl - N - hydroxyethyl - N - hydroxyethoxyethylaminei N - Oleyl diethanolamidei Oil of eucalyptusi Oil of rosemaryi Pentyl butyratei Perlitei Petrolatum, petroleum, oxidizedi Phosphonic acid (dimethylamino(methylene))i Phosphonic acid, (((2 - [(2 - hydroxyethyl)(phosphonomethyl)amino)ethyl)imino]bis (m ethylene))bis - , compd. with 2 - aminoethanoli Phosphonic acid, (1 - hydroxyethylidene)bis - , potassium salti Phosphoric acid, mixed decyl and Et and octyl estersi Poly(lactide)i Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), .alpha. - (nonylphenyl) - .omega. - hydroxy - , phosphatei Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), .alpha. - (octylphenyl) - .omega. - hydroxy - , branchedi Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), .alpha. - sulfo - .omega. - hydroxy - , C12 - 14 - alkyl ethers, sodium saltsi Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), alpha - (nonylphenyl) - omega - hydroxy - ,branched, phosphatesi Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), alpha - methyl - omega - (3 - (1,3,3,3 - tetramethyl -1- ((trimethylsilyl)oxy) -1- disiloxanyl)propoxy) -i Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), alpha - sulfo - omega -- (nonylphenoxy) -i Poly(oxy - 1,2 - ethanediyl), alpha - sulfo - omega - hydroxy - , C10 - 12 - alkyl ethers, ammonium saltsi Polyacrylic acid, sodium bisulfite terminatedi Polyethylene glycol ester with tall oil fatty acidi Polyoxyethylene sorbitan trioleatei Polyoxypropylenediaminei Polyphosphoric acids, sodium saltsi Polypropylene glycol glycerol triether, epichlorohydrin, bisphenol A polymeri Polysiloxanei Potassium aluminum silicatei Potassium carbonate sesquihydratei Propanimidamide,2,2'' - aAzobis[(2 - methyl -, amidinopropane) dihydrochloridei Pyridine, alkyl derivs.i Pyridinium, 1 - (phenylmethyl) - , C7 -8- alkyl derivs., chloridesi Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzylcoco alkylbis(hydroxyethyl), chloridesi Quaternary ammonium compounds, pentamethyltallow alkyltrimethylenedi - , dichloridesi Quaternary ammonium compounds, trimethyltallow alkyl, chloridesi Raffinates (petroleum)i Residual oils, petroleum, solvent - refinedi Silicic acid, aluminum potassium sodium salti Sodium caprylamphopropionatei Sodium cocaminopropionatei Sodium metaborate dihydratei Sodium N - methyl - N - oleoyltauratei SODIUM PERBORATE HYDRATEi Sodium polynaphthalenesulfonatei Sodium trichloroacetatei Steam cracked distillate, cyclodiene dimer, dicyclopentadiene polymeri Sulfonic acids, C10 - 16 - alkane, sodium saltsi Sulfonic acids, petroleumi Sulfonic acids, petroleum, sodium saltsi Tall oil imidazolinei Tall oil, compound with diethanolaminei Tall - oil pitchi Terpineoli tert - Butyl perbenzoatei Tetramethyl orthosilicatei Thuja plicata donn ex. D. don leaf oili Titanium, iso - Pr alc. triethanolamine complexesi Trimethanolaminei Tripolii Zirconium(IV) chloride tetrahydrofuran complexi 2,4 - Dimethylphenoli 2,6 - Dichlorophenoli 2- Methylpropanoic acidi 2 - Methylpyridinei 3 - Methylbutanoic acidi Endosulfan Ii Radium 226,228i Strontiumi Sulfitei Carbonic acidi Calcium chloride 2i n-octanei Ethynyl radicali butyraldehydei propionaldehydei methacroleini


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