Getting Started with the Awesome Toxno Community Forum


You can read everything here but you need to login and join to ask questions or participate in the discussions. You only need to join once. The same username and password will work here or when you leave a comment throughout this site.

On the right in pale blue are the current available channels. Channels have a particular theme and can contain many topics. If you would like a channel started please let us know. You can create a topic for discussion if it doesn't already exist. You can also reply to a topic or reply to a reply. In other words - start or join a dicussion.

Read our Manifesto for more...

Write Reflect Publish

Please take you time to express yourself. This is the benefit of writing over speaking. If you ask a question please do a search first. It may have been asked before. Our search facility on this forum is exceptional. Your voice and opinion matter. A forum is about learning from each other. It is equally about listening and staying open and inquistitive.

No body is dumb and no body knows everything. We will however be inviting articles from professionals in related toxicology, environmental and health fields - just to keep things spicy.

Don't get bugged.

A discussion often contains opinions and views that are from different ends of the spectrum. A sine qua non of democtraic governemnt is the opposition's voice. It helps raise other points of view. If you express an opinion please keep it short and on topic. If you quote facts or data please provide the source or a reference - this really matters to everyone. If you know a non toxic alternative - then please share it - with links to help those who wish to follow-up.

Short and Simple

This forum technology is fast, very fast and innovative. You can see someone replying (typing) in real time. Very cool. We all lead busy lives, even once retired. If you start, comment or reply to a topic it will show up in "My Feed". This will save you a lot of time. My Feed is what YOU are interested in. Communities thrive when individuals get involved. Toxno is about knowing NOW. Knowing our exposure to nasty chemicals now can really benefit us all in the future. Action follows knowledge - and it feels good.

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