Exposure Routes

Ways in which we can be exposed to Nasty Substances

Common to all of us is Home, Workplace, School, Travel and Leisure. These are all potential Exposure Routes to Toxic Chemicals and other Toxins that enter us via our Breathing, Skin and Gut.

  Exposure Routes

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What are they

An exposure route is simply something you buy, eat, breath in, wear, frolic in, bath in, suck on or put on you, either deliberately, unavoidably or unknowingly. It is a way for toxins or toxic chemicals to get into or onto you. It can be your mattress, an apple, a rubber toy, the backyard lawn, a car seat cover, a nickel mine or the photocopier at work.

An exposure route may potentially contain one chemical, hundreds or even thousands. We divide these routes into categories. Grooming or cosmetics for instance has many categories like nail polish, hair dye, lip stick etc. A single category like lip stick can contain many individual products. We don't go down to the product level - we leave that up to your to investigate - but we do give you an indication of what nasties are commonly found in specific exposure route categories.

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Some exposure routes are worse than others. Some contain literally thousands of chemicals. Food for example has hundreds of potential additives (the numbers on the label), possible exposure to hundreds more pesticides (non -organic) AND comes in contact with over 3000 compounds used for transport, processing and packaging. We will have all these compounds up on Toxno shortly. They are not all nasty, but we don't know for sure yet which ones are.

Another exposure route (gold or antimony mining) may only contain one nasty chemical. Like arsenic or antimony trioxide. However both are known human carcinogens.


At first it may seem that we need to avoid everything and that it is all just to hard or depressing. But this simply is NOT TRUE. There are alternative products. pesticide free foods and workplace practices that can significantly minimise or even completely eliminate toxic chemical exposure.

We have designed the learning experience on toxno to be effective and efficient. In essence when you interact here on Toxno your become part of a dance between exposures routes and deadly toxins. The dance will awaken you, it can't hurt you. But if we don't wake up as individuals the toxins will hurt us, now and for generations to come.


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Chemicals released in consumer products and the environment are constantly changing. Regulations change. Exposure Routes change. People speak up and nasties are removed while often others are introduced.

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Selected Exposure Routes on Toxno

These are active links. The grey numbers show the total amount of substances we have in this exposure route while the orange numbers show how many of these are defined as toxic.

A condensed list to browse

Air | Chemicals in air near CSG operations6052 Attire | Shoe Care2316 Automotive | Cleaning Products11062 Automotive | Fluids and Lubricants11269 Child | Bath7738 Child | Drawing and Colouring9439 Craft | Painting and Drawing Supplies12151 Craft | Party Supplies158 Electronics | Batteries7948 Electronics | Ink and Toner5538 Food | Additives with E Numbers42063 Food | Flavors193938 Food | Indirect Food Additives3237267 Food | Inert Pesticide Ingredient USA1515177 Grooming | Body Cleansers27893 Grooming | Eyes Makeup21565 Grooming | Fragrances18652 Grooming | Nails20573 Grooming | Shampoo22289 Home | Fertiliser and Soil7754 Home | Weed and Fungus Control10361 Maintenance | Fuels and Fuel Additives1412 Maintenance | Paints and Primers12969 Maintenance | Pest Control7642 Maintenance | Sealants Fillers and Adhesives16891 Maintenance | Stains4422 Mining | CSG - Hydraulic Fracturing1318500 Personal Care | Deodorants10637 Personal Care | Foot Care9542 Personal Care | Hand Soap10042 Personal Care | Toothpaste4423 Pesticides | Inert Ingredients (USA Registered)5093461 Pesticides | Toxic to Bees119119 Pesticides | Used & Approved in Australia (AU)469210 Pets | Flea and Tick5531 Pets | Grooming6327 Pets | Health Care4325 Pets | Litter2820 Sports | Guns and Ammunition3126 Supermarket | Air Fresheners9640 Supermarket | Cleaners All Purpose 13574 Supermarket | Cleaners Bathroom11154 Supermarket | Cleaners Carpet and Floor7740 Supermarket | Cleaners Kitchen9950 Supermarket | Drain and Septic Care2318 Supermarket | Household Batteries2622 Supermarket | Laundry16573 Supermarket | Surface Care5840 Workplace | Hazardous Substances4545874 Workplace | Mining-Antimony22

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