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This page is hosted as part of the Toxno and Toxtest Project and showcases the services offered by the Environmental Analysis Laboratory and the collaboration with Toxtest. EAL has its own website here.

The Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) is part of Southern Cross University (SCU) in Lismore, NSW. It operates through the Division of Research supporting academic staff and postgraduate research.

Close links with research staff allow complex investigations to be completed successfully. The laboratory rapidly adopts new techniques as they are developed and tested, during ongoing research. EAL employs up to 25 professional analysts. State of the art equipment and modern facilities, enables EAL to offer a commercially competitive analytical service.


Agricultural Soil & Plant Testing

EAL routinely conducts testing of soils & solids for physiochemical parameters, metals, contamination and nutrients. Nutrient deficiencies and fertilizer requirements are assessed through routine analysis of agricultural soils, plants and soil additives for chemical and physical parameters.
All agricultural soil testing has a 7 to 10 days turn around depending on receipt of samples. Plant testing is conducted twice weekly, allowing fast turn around times. Contact Lab for a quote or more details

Acid Sulfate Soil & Rock Testing

The EAL is involved in acid sulfate soil research and method development for the identification and management of these soils. EAL routinely performs screening, risk assessment and validation techniques.
EAL also routinely conducts pH screening and acid volatile sulfur (AVS) testing. The AVS technique was developed by leading researchers at Southern Cross University and has been adopted by EAL.Contact Lab for a quote or more details

Water & Liquids Analysis

Water/liquids testing includes analysis of standard water, wastewater, extracts and effluent analysis. Standard waters include: drinking water, bore water, dam water, spring and creek water, ground water, subterranean water and tank water for physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters. Resulting data is used in broad spectrum of suitability assessments.
EAL also routinely conducts environmental monitoring of waters for physiochemical parameters, metals, contamination, nutrients, salts, bacteria and algal biomass. Contact Lab for a quote or more details

Compost, Potting Mix and Fertiliser Testing

Likewise potting mix analysis can be conducted for the clients needs including Australian Standards AS3743-2003.
Testing for compost and potting mix is covered by a range of single analysis or convenient analysis packs. Contact Lab for a quote or more details

Contamination Testing

Contamination testing can be carried out on a wide range of liquids and solids, all at competitive pricing. Contaminated site assessments, Excavated Natural Material (ENM) Classification, Health Investigation Level(HIL) Soil Assessments, Metal analysis, Pesticide and Organics testing are just some of the range of analysis packs available. Contact Lab for a quote or more details

Hair, other Soils, Solids and Water Testing

This category covers a huge range of material for analysis. Includes Full Heavy Metal analysis of Human and Animal Hair, Water and Soil. Additional options include -
Aggressivity Assessments, Asbestos Identification, Hydrocarbons, Pesticide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Lead in paint, Contamination Foreign Material Fraction Percentage, and identification and composition by Scanning Electron Microscope. Contact Lab for a quote or more details

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Result Visualisation

With the growing public awareness of the dangers of toxic chemical exposures, EAL has recently begun offering testing packages to the general public that are relevant for today, low cost and provide innovative visualisation of the results.

"Visualization is critical to understanding the data. While tables are necessary to record the data, it is usually very difficult to distinguish pattern in tables of numbers, particularly for large data sets. Graphs and pictorial representations, however, allow the reader to see complex data sets simply and concisely. Plots can reveal hidden structure in the data, and outlying or unusual results, and they enable preconceived ideas to be challenged." This is from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in Australia | National Water Quality Management Strategy, Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6, 2011, Version 3.1 Updated March 2015.

To this end EAL has recently began working with Toxtest to provide full online visualisation of client results. Full confidentiality and security is maintained as no personal information is presented or stored online.

Affordable, important for health and relevant test packages. These packages include visualisation features and include Heavy Metal Analysis of Human Hair, Water, Soil and Compost and Basic Water Quality and Cyanobacteria/Algae investigations. More are on the way. Download order forms below.

HUMAN HAIR | Toxic Metals & Mineral Analysis |DOWNLOAD Order Form and Shipping Instructions
WATER | Toxic Metals & Mineral Analysis | DOWNLOAD Order Form and Shipping Instructions
SOIL | Toxic Metals & Mineral Analysis |DOWNLOAD Order Form and Collection Instructions
Compost | Toxic Metals & Mineral Analysis |DOWNLOAD Order Form and Collection Instructions

WATER | Basic Quality Analysis | DOWNLOAD Order Form and Shipping Instructions
WATER |Algae & Cyanobacteria Count | DOWNLOAD Order Form and Shipping Instructions
WATER | Algae & Cyanobacteria Nutrients | DOWNLOAD Order Form and Shipping Instructions

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  • LAB DETAILS: Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL); SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY; PO BOX 157, LISMORE NSW 2480; Phone: 02 6620 3678
    EAL is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in accordance with ISO/IEC17025-2005, for its technical competence in the field of Chemical Testing.

    EAL participates in the National Low Level Nutrient Trials, National Measurement Institute Proficiency Studies, Global Proficiency WaterChek and FertChek Trials. As a member of Interlab Australia, a group comprised of some 25 council- based laboratories, EAL undertakes monthly proficiency testing.
    EAL clients include governemnt organisations, local councils, industry, corporations, businesses and universities.

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EAL's analytical laboratory equipment

For nearly 30 years, inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) has been gaining favor with laboratories around the world as the instrument of choice for performing trace metal analysis. ICP-MS continues to make inroads into laboratories that are requiring the lowest detection limits and the greatest level of productivity. The primary reasons for the growing popularity of ICP-MS can be summarized in a few points:
• Instrument detection limits are at or below the single part per trillion (ppt) level for much of the periodic table
• Analytical working range is nine orders of magnitude
• Productivity is unsurpassed by any other technique
• Isotopic analysis can be achieved readily

Humans behind the machines - the real talent

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Over years staff at EAL have developed an unparalleled passion for extracting the absolute optimun for the equipment they specialise in.

From the desk of Matt - operator of the ICP-MS equipment used for the hair analysis.

Matt is currently writing an short intoduction to some of the features of the new ICP-MS equipment used at EAL for hair water analysis. Stay tuned