Human, Animal & Environmental

Toxic Chemical Exposure Testing & Result Visualisation

Toxtest works with the Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) in Lismore, NSW to provide extensive human, animal and environmental Chemical Testing. Results are then visualised and put in context to your health & any environmental contamination according to multiple safety based guidelines.

No stone is left unturned. Our Home, Garden, Farm, Workplace, School and Recreation Area can be tested for nasty chemical build-up. We look at Air, Water, Soil, Compost, Dust and Human & Animal Hair.

Data Speaks

Cumulative and combined exposures to toxic chemicals are known to adversely affect our health.

EAL uses state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled technicians. Toxtest uses data visualisation techniques not used before.

Together we make sure your results are accurate, unambiguous & loud.

With the growing public awareness of the dangers of toxic chemical exposures, Toxtest & EAL has recently begun offering testing packages to the general public that are relevant for today, low cost and provide innovative visualisation of the results.

“Visualization is critical to understanding the data. While tables are necessary to record the data, it is usually very difficult to distinguish pattern in tables of numbers, particularly for large data sets. Graphs and pictorial representations, however, allow the reader to see complex data sets simply and concisely. Plots can reveal hidden structure in the data, and outlying or unusual results and they enable preconceived ideas to be challenged.” This is from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in Australia | National Water Quality Management Strategy, Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 6, 2011, Version 3.1 Updated March 2015.

To this end, EAL has recently begun working with Toxtest to provide full online visualisation of client results.
Full confidentiality and security are maintained as no personal information is presented or stored online.

Affordable, important for health and relevant test packages.
These packages include visualisation features and include Heavy Metal Analysis of Human Hair, Water, Soil and Compost and Basic Water Quality and Cyanobacteria/Algae investigations. More are on the way. Download order forms here.