Very shortly Food Synergy will be offering a comprehensive recipe analysis service. And, with great excitement, we will also provide a full 24-hour or 3-day diet analysis. This has been in the pipeline for several years.

State of the art visualisation tools will bring your eating regime into view and most importantly highlight any blindspots that perpetuate less than optimal nutrient intake. We are pushing for getting our nutrients from food.

Here is a sample of what is to come…

Nutrient dense gluten-free crêpes recipe and analysis

Packing as many nutrients as possible into a simple variation on the pancake theme. Excellent for kids. Little organic sugar and butter and squeezed lemon help them go down with delight.

All ingredients are organic. This recipe has been tested on three children aged 2-7 years of age. They had two crepes each (one adult portion!!) and stilled wanted more.

All the grains and seeds are whole. A simple, inexpensive coffee grinder was used to turn the grains and seeds into flour.

Ingredients were mixed with water and left to sit for 24 hrs to facilitate better digestion.

This recipe makes seven portions that weigh about 247 grams each. Total weight of all ingredients in this recipe comes to 1726 grams.

The portion size is estimated based on what an adult woman would comfortably consume.


As we can see, an excellent source of Magnesium. Plus many other vitamins and omega 3 fats. The accompanying nutrient analysis for this recipe is based on one portion. Any questions and feedback welcome.

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