These are the articles in our pipeline for this investigation series.

Please use the comment form at the end to request other articles or give input or feedback. Requesting articles and further information is warmly encouraged. The tone of these article titles may give the impression that we already think that “pesticides are bad.”

In some ways, true, partly because of the immense volume of evidence to date. Equally, a deliverer of a narrative must be faithful to their understanding, and not enforce sterile neutrality just to give the impression of unbiased journalism.

Pesticide Investigation Series Promo Video
Fun to watch and listen to. Only 90 seconds.

Are we Safe | Pesticide Residue Testing in Australia
The issue of knowing if our food contains pesticide residues and how much and how many contaminants is a pivotal story in the series.

Who else is noticing?
This piece gives a summary of reports, articles, and papers written by scientists, journalists and organisations on the issues presented in this Series.

Data Speaks
We don’t need to be conspiratorial or alarmist. The data speaks for itself. We just find it, pay attention, look at it and present it. Powerful stuff.

Weed Wackers, Councils, and our Garden | It’s Still Coming
Governments, councils, weed-wakers, farmers and home gardeners continue to use Glyphosate (May 2016) even after it has been clearly shown to be extremely harmful to human health. Activism is the rent we pay for living on this beautiful earth. Raising awareness and non-violent getting in the face of local councils, handymen, sprayers, farmers and the government regulatory bodies (APVMA) is needed.

Weeds, Bugs, and Insects are pushing back.
Nature will find a way. After years of pesticide over-use, weeds are developing stubborn resistance, especially to glyphosate.

Pesticides Kill
Let’s not gloss this over. Scientists and corporations are still senselessly flogging the dead horse of the “risk versus benefits” equation. Since the 1940’s this balance has slowly shifted to the extent that now Jupiter is on the same side of the balance scales as “risk”.

The future is in our hands.

The future is in our hands.

Trolls, Shills and White Coats
These are the people, corporations and underhanded, dishonest and probably illegal practices; that keep a dysfunctional unsustainable practice going. Best to know and recognise them, so we don’t get confused or led astray.

Pesticides and Human Health
Human health is a big one. We will summarise from the evidence, so you and your family are adequately informed of the risks and dangers. We look at both occupational exposures for weed sprayers and farmers and chronic low-level exposure for the rest of us.

How are we exposed?
Food, water, air and dust to mention just 4 of the current exposure routes. Oh yes, for children, in particular, carpet, garden, and pets. Increasingly detected in mothers breast milk. Even in New York.

I can't believe this, can you. I hope this pet food is organic at least.

I can’t believe this, can you. I hope this pet food is organic at least.

There will most likely be at least 10 of these articles over the next few months. Each of these chunky stories highlights several bite size and timely pesty oriented news snippets. Ongoing and helps draw attention to the fact that it’s time for a change.

Pesticides in Australia
The APVMA approves pesticide and veterinary medicine use in Australia. The Australian government and industry bodies like CropLife Australia are exerting pressure. The sheer volume of monthly approvals needed for new pesticide products is astounding. Red flags abound.

Glyphosate Death Sentence
Well, this was precipitated in April 2015 with the WHO declaring glyphosate a probable human carcinogen. What has and is happening since then is jaw dropping. Reads like a fiction thriller.

Cleaning up the mess – Remediation
Someone just deliberately and without regard, thought or restraint blanketed my new house garden in some pesticide? What do you do? There are bio-remediation solutions that can help.

Once in a century Herbicide
This series is not about vilifying glyphosate, Roundup or Monsanto. We use glyphosate purely as an example of a system that by all accounts so far shows signs of desperate need of change. It’s the system that needs to change.

Please, enough is enough.

Please, enough is enough.

Toxic Mayhem Begins
Another pivotal article in the series. An investigation into the long-term low-dose exposures of multiple pesticides needs to happen. The hidden ingredients in off the shelf pesticide formulations are often more toxic that the main pesticide ingredient.

History of pesticides
Putting it all into perspective.

Summaries of readers experiences and feedback.
These could lead to other articles and stories in the series.

Follow-up Articles and news after the series ends.
Things need to change for individuals, communities, councils, government, industry and food growing practices. Keeping the finger on the pulse. A community Facebook Group could be helpful.
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