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Sources of Arsenic Exposure

This article gives a comprehensive list and explanation of possible exposures to the heavy metal, ARSENIC (As) particluarly in Australia. This is an in-depth look at how we can be exposed to Arsenic. Most importantly, we look at ways to minimise this. This report is especially useful for those who have found levels in their body through pathology testing or the Toxtest/EAL Hair Analysis of toxic metals. This article will be updated as more information becomes available and complements all other Arsenic related information and tests on Toxno and Toxtest.

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Problems with Pesticides – a Toxno slideshow

Pesticides kill. That’s why we created them. Little combat chemical molecules that wage war on plants, worms, insects, rats or bugs. How is increasing human exposure to pesticides affecting health (especially children and future generations)? Are current models of pesticide use and production conducive for sustained food production? Is the all-important rich biodiversity of soil microbial life being decimated? Are regulations that are designed to protect us from harmful toxic chemical exposures adequate? Are current toxicology risk assessment models out of date in the current climate of multiple chemical exposures? Most importantly – what can we do as individuals and a community.

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HMA or HTMA) in Australia

For the first time in Australia, human hair testing is available to the public using the absolute latest Perkin Elmer Inductively Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectrometer at Environmental Analysis Laboratories in Lismore, Australia. Instrument detection limits are at or below the single part per trillion (ppt) level for many of substances tested. Results are then presented online without any personal details - hence preserving privacy and confidentiality. Many innovative features are utilised so that individuals can get the outmost from their results. Example results are on this page. It's also a great way for children to get screened for heavy metal exposure like antimony, lead and mercury because of the non-invasive nature of the test.

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Testing DUST in your home, workplace or school for heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Antimony

Dust allows nasty chemicals to bind to it. Adults, but more particularly children, are at risk of dangerous chemical exposure if dust in the home or workplace becomes contaminated with heavy metals. There are many ways this happens. This article provides details for a simple, inexpensive home or workplace test from one of the highest quality Environmental Analysis Laboratories in Australia (EAL) and outlines evidence of heavy metal dust contamination, the importance of getting tested and what to do about it.

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Sources of Lead Exposure – Update 2018

This article gives a comprehensive list and explanation of possible exposures to the heavy metal, LEAD (Pb). In Australia, lead smelting is carried out in Mt Isa and Nyrstar in Port Pirie both of which have a historical issue with high blood lead levels in the town’s children. Tank water is likely to be contaminated with lead if you have lead flashing on the roof catchment area, PVC downpipes or if you live near a busy road or major arterial route. In fact 25% of rain water tanks in Victoria were found to contain lead levels above the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines...

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How we get exposed to the heavy metal, CHROMIUM (Cr)

This is an evolving testament of possible exposures to the toxic form of Chromium (hexavalent chromium). Data comes from researching the current literature and other sources. Thanks to all the scientists, researchers, universities, government departments and investigative journalists for making this data possible and available. At Toxtest we conduct Hair Analysis that can reveal low-dose [...]

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About Toxno

Toxno draws on large publicly available datasets to communicate toxic chemical dangers due to low dose exposures in everyday life. This is complemented by a series of deep investigations into outdated practices, insidious...

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Acknowledgements and References

These are the evidence-based and peer-reviewed references we use to compile the material on Toxno. Over 25,000 substance profiles. Additional reference material is used for the articles and investigations. These references and links represent a lot of hard work by mankind over generations. Main Data Source References APPEA Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association | [...]

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Terms and Conditions

Duty of Care We take the utmost care with researching and presenting information. All content on toxno and it's associated web entities are for inspirational and educational purposes only. We never diagnose or even imply that you may have any medical conditions. Every person that writes for or interacts with toxno via commenting or posting [...]

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Privacy and Security

We take security and your privacy very seriously You have the option of remaining anonymous if you wish. We never give your email to anyone. We don't store your details on the internet. Any processing of an assessment or the production of a report or compiling and visualising lab results is done by our in-house [...]

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Toxtest and Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL)

Toxtest works with the Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) in Lismore, NSW to provide extensive Toxic Chemical Testing. Results are then visualised and put in context to your health & any environmental contamination according to multiple safety based guidelines. No stone is left unturned. Our Home, Garden, Farm, Workplace, School and Recreation Area can be tested for nasty chemical build-up. We look at Air, Water, Soil, Compost, Dust and Human & Animal Hair.

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