What to expect from this Investigatory Series
We have been researching and preparing for this investigation for the past 2 months.

See the series unfold on the Toxno facebook page. Subscribers to our Newsletter will also receive regular updates. We are working closely with facebook to also publish this series on facebook’s new “Instant Articles” format. This means that these articles will load very fast and be extremely high fidelity with advanced audio and video features while using facebook on a mobile device.

Our amazing contribution page is here.
We are only asking $5.50 per person.

Articles in the Pipeline.
We have many stories in the pipeline.

Japanese-umbrellas - by DeltaWorks - Pixabay

Japanese-umbrellas – by DeltaWorks – Pixabay

What funders get in return
You, your family, your friends, your employer get informed. The series launch date is April 13th 2016. We are kicking off with at least one article and will publish at least one article every week. The funding end date for this series is 30th June 2016.

All funders will additionally receive ongoing updates about any follow-up issues and stories after this date. Funders will also receive a free ebook at the end of the series containing all the articles.

How is the raised money used?
Most raised funds are used to pay for research, interviewing, writing and online development time. The investigation also has its own inherent material costs. For instance, all media that is not originally created by Toxno must be purchased for obvious copyright reasons.

All articles in the series so far…

Our amazing contribution page is here.
We are only asking $5.50 per person