Definition of opinion… “a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”. Comes from the Latin opinari — to think or believe. It can also mean “a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.”

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. However, some opinions might best be left floating in the vacuum of space between our ears and only audible to the solitary inhabitant of that area. Best not to put the tongue into gear or touch that keyboard.

Why? Opinions with less weight and value than the odour from a steaming turd, are now keeping good folks who just want to know — distracted and sucked of precious time.

We don’t have time but time is what we use to measure what we tangibly do have — life. On earth. Now.

Bark Art copyright Hartmut Gunther 2010 Mt Tamborine, Qld

Bark Art copyright Hartmut Gunther 2010 Mt Tamborine, Qld

There are people on this planet right now who make a real daily effort to be informed and stay inspired. They dive deeply into trying to understand how best to work alongside and close to Nature. They ride out, digest, let flow and let go of many thoughts, feelings and storms that originate within them. With equanimity, they prevail with a glad heart, clarity and substantial knowledge.

And they communicate. With facts, kindness and humanity. They reach out to those of us yet to fully understand or have been just too busy living a “normal life”. As a friend said the other day, normal is a cycle on a washing machine.

Well if you come across someone like this, join in or get out of the bloody way.

An example of an opinion. I read this today, a comment on social media, in response to an original post from Paul Stamets, the world renowned mycologist who is raising awareness of the importance of fungi in the soil.

Without the “agri-poisons” (fertilisers and pesticides) you would not be able to afford to buy grain products and most other plant foods. An opinion…

Even though this was an anodyne comment, I took the time to see what this person’s interests, work and commitments were like based on his Facebook profile and posts, etc. The first tenet of investigative journalism — check the facts and the person. And yes his use of the word “opinion” falls into — “not necessarily based on fact or knowledge”. Just a few taps on a keyboard and an opinion can get broadcast to potentially over 1 billion people.

by Аркадий Зарубин, 2012, Wikimedia

by Аркадий Зарубин, 2012, Wikimedia

People, please, let’s get truly informed and stay close to our humanity and nurture nature and our beautiful earth.

Fertilisers are an artificial and inefficient way to feed plants. Human blue babies, cyanobacterial toxins in our drinking water, nutritionally depleted food and detectable levels of radioactive polonium in phosphate fertilisers are just a few catastrophic outcomes.

Pesticide use has grown exponentially since the 1940’s and today is responsible for soil devastation and essential micro-organism depletion, weed resistance, bee deaths, water pollution and some serious human diseases.

Economically viable and sustainable ways to grow food that does not use these approaches exist. Understanding nature and how a living soil can provide much better yields in the long term while at the same time bringing more carbon back into the soil as humus (and reducing CO2 in the air at the same time) is now of paramount importance.

Let’s sow seeds.