We take security and your privacy very seriously

You have the option of remaining anonymous if you wish. We never give your email to anyone. We don’t store your details on the internet. Any processing of an assessment or the production of a report or compiling and visualising lab results is done by our in-house computers behind secure firewalls – not servers on the internet.

Payments and Refunds

For security we use SSL certificates on our website for any payments. You can see this as a padlock and https while you are on our site. This means that any data exchange is encrypted while in transit. Payment transactions are NOT processed on our website. We use PaypalPro to process all payments.

Transactions are performed on the highly secure Paypal system. Your credit card details are not stored either by us or paypal. Only your bank maintains those details.

We have an unconditional refund policy for ANYTHING we sell or service we provide on Toxno. Not happy – just let us know and we will refund you money 100%. Yes, we will ask why but that is because we want to learn and grow.