Toxno draws on large publicly available datasets to communicate toxic chemical dangers due to low dose exposures in everyday life. This is complemented by a series of deep investigations into outdated practices, insidious…

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Toxno, Toxtest and Food Synergy are all initiatives of founder, Hartmut Günther

Even though they are separate websites, they interlink to provide a seamless, synergistic and meaningful experience.


Toxno founder, Hartmut Michael Günther

Hartmut’s Qualifications

Graduate Diploma with distinction Nutrition Medicine, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. Extensive research, clinical experience and writing in nutrition, human metabolism and toxicology.

“Nutrition Medicine is a combined medical-nutritional approach based on an evolving scientific framework that views physiological and biochemical disturbance as a prime causal factor in the development and progression of disease.”

Studied under Professor Dr Melvyn A Sydney-Smith KGSJ. MBBS. PhD. and his details and in-depth background on Nutrition Medicine can be found at

B.Sc. Hons Biochemistry, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. A major in Genetics and Biochemistry, La Trobe University in Melbourne, followed by a Hons research year in biochemistry. Biochemistry is at the core of nutrition and human metabolism. It also forms the basis of understanding toxicology and diseases like cancer, diabetes, and endocrine (hormone) disruption.

Business Names

  • Toxno, Toxtest and Food Synergy
  • Australia ABN: 58 845 464 564
  • Address: Suite 3, 214 Beardy Street, Armidale, 2350, NSW, Australia
  • FAX: (61) 2 6526 2123
  • PH: (61) 4 39 54 7788

If you would like to work with or for Toxno, contribute articles, data or expertise, sponsor or help fund an investigation or blow a whistle, you can contact Hartmut directly.


Toxno draws on large publicly available datasets to communicate toxic chemical dangers due to low dose exposures in everyday life.

This is complemented by a series of deep investigations into outdated practices, insidious accumulation of toxic chemicals in humans, animals and the environment and downright deception about the harm this causes.

There are 25,000 substance profiles on Toxno, all searchable (see on right in the sidebar) and many show health related information. There are lists of chemicals grouped into meaningful categories like – substances known to cause cancer or all authorised pesticides in Australia and many more.

We are drawing upon images from the Master Artist Painters during our Pesticide Investigation Series. This is to help counteract the sometimes infuriating, often disturbing and at times downright depressing nature of the situation we currently find ourselves in regarding pesticide use on the planet.

These artists in their lives have witnessed the majestic beauty of the natural world and its inhabitants. They looked deeply into the colours, textures, and life around them and in so doing left these gifts for us today. Their legacy serves as a baton for us to take hold of and to make the best of our world and not contaminate it for our children and those to come.

Please note that the Museums that host these artworks and supply these images do not endorse or sponsor in any way the work and content at Toxno.

Next, a little about Toxtest…


Toxtest provides the means to test for toxic chemicals in your body, drinking water (plus irrigation and livestock water), soil, compost, ash, plants, food and other mediums. We collaborate with the world-class Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) at the Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia.

We then visualise your results, publish them online and compare them with other people’s results (without your details of course). This is innovative and clients get much more from their results using this approach.


The Food Synergy project has been in the pipeline for about 5 years. After completing a Graduate Diploma in Nutrition Medicine, I wanted to apply what I had learned in the best evidenced based way possible and reach people who otherwise might not know the importance or subtleties of nutrition in life.

If we really embraced the saying “food is our medicine”, then how profoundly could that entwining positively influence our lives?

With the help of the government and scientific research, much information is now available that shows us the essential nutrients we need and approximately in what quantity. But in addition to the known fifty or so essential nutrients that we are advised to get in our diet, there are literally thousands more in one piece of whole food.

This combination of knowledge of Recommended Daily or Dietary Intakes (RDI’s) with the eating of a piece of whole-food, serves as a vehicle for us to get many yet unexplored contingent nutrients that can have far-reaching effects on long-term health and possible disease attenuation.

Food Synergy links seamlessly with our brother project Toxno. This way anti-nutrients can also be seen on the radar.

We analyse meals, recipes, and your diet using an evidence-based 24hr recall or an extensive 3-day diet analysis for those who what to know for sure which important nutrients they may not be getting enough of. We reveal holes in nutrient intake using these analyses and point to ways to improve.

Optimal nutrition is vital for effective detoxification, immune function, best possible brain ability, consistent energy levels and for nurturing and expectant mothers and growing children.

We connect nutrients and food in visually innovative ways that help optimise understanding, knowledge and long term health.

Above Image: Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 – 1890 ), Flower Beds in Holland, c. 1883, oil on canvas on wood, Collection of Mr and Mrs Paul Mellon | Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

As other people come on board their details will be shown here.

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About Toxno, Toxtest and Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL)

Toxno, Toxtest and Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia, collaborate to provide innovation and an Australian first in hair, water, soil/compost or dust testing of 32 heavy metals and minerals. Our Hair or Water analysis is AU$98. Order forms can be downloaded below.

All results are published (de-identified) online and updated regularly as new health or exposure route information becomes available for each metal/mineral. All results are dynamic, contain instructions, have full support and contain clickable links to current health and exposure information for each metal/mineral.

Hair results are live and use innovative moving graphical visualisations, while our water and soil analyses concurrently visualise your results based on human, animal and agricultural guidelines - a true Australian innovation. See a large list of example Hair, Water, Soil and Dust results.

For the first time in Australia, human and animal hair testing is available to the public using the absolute latest Perkin Elmer Inductively Coupled Plasma–Mass Spectrometer at Environmental Analysis Laboratories in Lismore, Australia. Instrument detection limits are at or below the single part per trillion (ppt) level for many of substances tested. Because this test and the expertise is now available in Australia, we can keep the cost under $100. Doctors, veterinarians, health practitioners and trainers can utilise these tests for their clients.

Additional and follow-up tests are available that assess the same 32 metals - this maintains consistency and makes tracking of possible exposures more efficacious. Download test order forms here. Each test covers MERCURY, CADMIUM, LEAD, ARSENIC plus other Heavy Metals, Metalloids and Minerals (32 in total).

Animal and Pet Hair Testing is now also available